General Dentistry

General Dentist Woodland Hills

General dentistry is designed to diagnose, evaluate, treat and prevent several common oral diseases that exist within the oral cavity. It is also designed to help maintain and improve the appearance, function and performance of your teeth. It's suggested that every patient visit their dentist on a bi-annual basis for routine teeth cleaning, polishing, tartar removal and general dentistry procedures.

General Dentist Woodland Hills

It is our goal at Mint Dentistry to provide each patient with personalized, comfortable and affordable dental care. This extends into the General Dental Services we offer at our office. Our team of passionate and professional dental experts relies upon years of experience - combined with recent technological advancements in dental treatment, to provide exceptional dental care while still being environmentally responsible through revolutionary 'Green Dentistry' methods.

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From the equipment we use to the methods and new-age dental procedures we use, Mint Dentistry is proud to be a green dentistry. Dentistry Gone Green provides several benefits to our patients and our environment including:

  • Green Dentistry reduces waste and pollution
  • Green Dentistry saves water, energy, money and other natural resources
  • Green Dentistry procedures are high-tech and often produce higher-quality dental care
  • Green Dentistry promotes a healthy and general wellness lifestyle

Our office offers several individual General Dental Services from complete exams, x-rays, and cleanings to specific dental procedures including: 

To learn more about the specific dental services we offer patients of Mint Dentistry, please click the specific sections on the right side of this page to explore each area of expertise. If you have any questions about the quality-driven dental services we offer, or to set up an appointment, call us today @ 818-716-0297 – or simply fill out the CONTACT US FORM online.