Tooth Extraction

Surgical Tooth Extraction Woodland Hills

Surgical tooth extraction is a procedure that is recommended when your tooth is severely damaged or decayed, or abscessed. The thought of having a tooth removed from your mouth is frightening for many, but because of advancements in technology, you will not even feel any pain. Mint dentistry’s team of qualified dentists is experienced in tooth extractions for both wisdom teeth and other teeth, ensuring that you will have a positive outcome.

What to expect before the procedure?

We will not start the procedure until your mouth is fully numb using either nitrous oxide or an oral sedative (i.e. strong relaxation pill). We double and triple check to make sure you are comfortably numb. We are dedicated to making your experience an easy one. The dentist will then gently lift your gums back in order to expose the tooth that needs extraction and then carefully extract it using special tools. The procedure varies in time and may take up to an hour depending on your case.

What to expect after an extraction?

You should arrange to have a friend or family member escort you to and from your procedure as you may be still be disoriented when you awaken from the general anesthetic.

The post-op procedures will require that you steer clear of chewing on the side where the extraction took place. A blood clot forms in the socket, where the healing process begins. If this blood clot is dislodged or loosened, then you will develop a dry socket in which the bone is exposed. This can cause extreme pain in patients, which is why we urge you to be careful. You should absolutely stay away from smoking of any sort, as it will dramatically increase your chances of developing a dry socket. The dentist will give you a set of instructions to follow as well as prescription medications (i.e. painkillers and antibiotics) to fight off pain or infection while you heal. After about 3-4 weeks, you should make an appointment with the dentist to make sure the healing process is continuing normally with no signs of infection or dry socket.

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