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Woodland Hills Mint Dentistry Reviews

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  • Woodland Hills Mint Dentistry Reviews & Patient Testimonials
  • The front desk office assistants are so amazing to work with. The atmosphere at Mint was so welcoming, I felt like I was with family. The doctors were great and explained everything so clearly so I could make a good decision about my teeth! I'm so glad I found this place.

    Bianca R.Dental Check Up

  • Dr. Molayem took me as soon as they could the morning I called with a broken tooth. They are gracious and understanding and I walked out if their office within hours with a set of teeth you'd never know had been damaged. I am equally impressed with their warm demeanor as their talent. I am now a client for good.

    Jean Pierre F.Veneers

  • This place is amazing - Dr. Arash Molayem was working on me, he's very nice, knowledgable and honest.. really knows what he's doing. The staff is so sweet and caring.. and I love how Its brand new with the best dental equipment. Usually the dentist is not so much fun but I had a great experience here and would definitely recommend. There's only so much I can say - you'll see for your self ;)

    Leora S.Dental Check Up

  • I'm going to start this review by saying that I'm terrified of needles and pain. Like really well and truly terrified. I cry when I pull splinters out of my toe. Anyways, you should be able to understand why I'm not fond of dentists - big needles and drills are not my thing. I told my dentist - Dr. Arash Molayem - about this and he was surprisingly cool about it. Did a really great job of keeping me calm while he was numbing me, and when I did start crying he was very cool about it. His combination of friendly calm and professionalism is fantastic. When he came back after I was numb, he set up a system so I can tell him anything I needed - pain, too much water, craving a coke - and it was cute, and it actually worked. I realized something too - I've been too a lot of dentists, and they all talk to you, and ask what school you're in, or what you're doing over the summer, or what your job is like, and every question demands an answer, which is impossible because your mouth is full of metal and water and plastic. Dr. Molayem would say little things that didn't require a response, and he would keep me updated on what was going on, which was great. My wariness slowly dissipated. I've honestly never had a dentist I like more - and I've had a lot. He never made me feel ignorant for asking questions about pain, or my bite, or being terrified. I don't think I'll be crying the next time I go to fill the endless number of cavities I seem to have.

    Kim K.

  • Dr. Molayem took on my case when I had only seven teeth left in my head and they were all in poor shape and on the lower jaw.

    I looked like a cross between Gabby Hayes and Andy Gump. He put together a great team and woked with me for a nine month period. I currently have 15 additional teeth in my head and a seriously great smile. I'm getting a lot more work, making more sales, dating, and most of all my children are no longer embarrassed to be seen with me. I owe him big time!

    Zac H.Dental Implants

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