Snoring and Sleep Apnea

Snoring and Sleep Apnea Services at Mint Dentistry

Those of us who deal with snoring truly understand how frustrating it can be – especially for other family members. Snoring is often considered to be the target of jokes, or social issue that can strain relationships. However, habitual snoring may be an indicator of a more life threatening disorder – obstructive sleep apnea (also known as OSA). But did you know that the professionals at Mint Dentistry can help with sleep apnea and snoring conditions?

It is estimated that as many as 50% of the United States population snores at some point in their lives. Whether it's due to nasal blockage, a head cold or overweight, the truth of the matter is that many people snore. However, there is a huge difference between snoring and having obstructive sleep apnea. OSA can impact your ability to breathe at night. And for some people – not receiving treatment for sleep apnea can lead to potentially fatal results.

As such, Sleep Apnea is no laughing matter. And at Mint Dentistry, we strive to provide you with the tools and education to ensure that if you suffer with snoring or OSA – we can help reduce this condition to help you live a much better and healthier lifestyle.

There are several non-medical treatments that may help you alleviate snoring which include:

  • Losing weight: it's estimated that simply losing 10 lbs can be enough to reduce snoring in some cases.
  • Change of sleeping position: typically people tend to snore when they are sleeping on their back. If you snore frequently, try to sleep on your side to see if this reduces your snoring at night.
  • Avoid alcohol, heavy meals or caffeine – especially within a few hours of going to sleep.

Some of the medical treatments we offer at Mint Dental for patients with sleep apnea and obstructed snoring conditions include:

  • Behavior Modification: If you have been diagnosed with mild sleep apnea, the team at Mint Dentistry may suggest a few non-medical treatments designed to help you reduce the onset of sleep apnea.
  • Oral Appliances: The team at Mint Dentistry also can help you reduce sleep apnea or snoring by using oral appliances. These devices are designed to elevate the soft palate or your tongue from falling back into your throat. By bringing your jaw forward it opens up your airway, thereby improving your ability to breathe efficiently.

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Regardless of your level of sleep apnea or snoring conditions – Mint Dentistry can help. Our mission is to offer complete and comfortable dental solutions for all of our patients. If you have any questions about the snoring or sleep apnea services we offer, or to set up an appointment, call us today @ 818-716-0297 – or simply fill out the CONTACT US FORM online.