Snap-in Dentures

Snap-in dentures are a great alternative to traditional dentures, and can literally be snapped into your mouth. Snap-in dentures attach to small titanium screws (implant abutments) that are screwed into the jaw. Snap-in dentures will sit tighter and firmer than traditional dentures, which often shift around and require messy adhesives to stay put.

Traditional dentures that slip around can create problems with eating, drinking, and speaking. Over time, traditional dentures can actually alter the shape of your mouth and even change your smile.

Snap-in dentures allow people to comfortably eat, drink and speak without embarrassing social anxiety. Snap-in dentures keep people’s facial features, and can be conveniently removed when needed.

The first step in getting snap-in dentures is having an oral surgeon place small titanium screws into the jaw bone. If people have a lot of bone loss in their jaws, then a bone grafting may be needed to build up that area first so that the small screws can be held securely.

If you have a stable jaw bone, then an oral surgeon can place 2-6 little screws into the bone. It will take time for the little posts to become part of the jaw bone. These small screws actually promote bone growth during the fusing process.

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This fusing and healing time takes about 3-6 months, and temporary crowns are usually used during this time. Once the little screws have fused with the bone, then a row of custom-made implants can easily be snapped on top of the screws.

Snap-in dentures fit better than traditional dentures, which often rub against the gums and cause irritation.

Snap-in dentures are easy to take care of. You take the dentures out at night, soak them in a cleansing solution, brush them in the morning, and snap them back in. It’s easy!

Snap-in dentures can give you a natural smile and make you enjoy life like when you had your natural teeth. Call 818-716-0297 to learn more about snap-in dentures. Your future can look brighter than ever.