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Here at Mint Dental Group, we always strive to make sure our patient’s needs are met with professionalism and care. Your comfort is our top priority.

Do You Suffer from Dental Anxiety?

It’s more common than you think, but many people have a deep fear of their dentist. Sometimes the fear alone is enough for someone to cancel their dentist appointment, re-schedule, or skip out on going to the dentist altogether. If this sounds like you, then we have a solution that can help you get through your appointment.

Sedation Dentistry in Woodland Hills, CA

Sedation dentistry (nitrous oxide) uses medicine to help people relax during their dental appointment. At Mint Dental Group, we offer oral conscious sedation as a way to help our patients relax and stay comfortable throughout their appointment.

Oral conscious sedation is medicine that is administered by mouth (orally) in pill form to help you relax. It is referred to as conscious sedation because you are still awake and able to respond to vocal commands.

From invasive procedures such as root canals to simple procedures such as a routine dental cleaning, oral conscious sedation can have a dramatic effect on your entire dental experience. We highly recommend it for anyone that has developed a fear of the dentist.

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Dr. Arash is a Gentle Dentist

Our Woodland Hills dentist, Dr. Arash Molayem, is a gentle dentist. He has a passion for dentistry and loves creating beautiful smiles for his patients. He is attentive, features excellent bedside manners, and makes sure each patient receives enough time to have all of their needs and concerns addressed.

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