Continuing Orthodontic Treatment with Retainers in Woodland Hills, CA

Professional Orthodontic Treatment

Orthodontic treatment is often very exciting for many individuals – both children and adults. When people have their braces removed for the very first time, they often have a hard time believing the smile in the mirror is actually theirs!

However, these results will not stay permanent unless you adopt a retainer. Unfortunately, our periodontal ligaments and bone have a natural tendency to return to their normal positions. Normal meaning before orthodontic treatment began. This is where a retainer comes into the equation.

All retainers are custom-made to fit your mouth and ensure that your teeth stay in place.

Types of Retainers to Consider

Our Woodland Hills orthodontists will help you find a retainer option that fits your mouth in the best possible way – ensuring your results you spent so much time working towards is not lost.

Plastic & Wire
A very large majority are recommended to wear plastic or wire retainers because they are the most convenient option – being able to be removed and replaced without much effort all while keeping your teeth in their new set position.

Typically, plastic and wire retainers should be worn all day every day for roughly 6 months after your braces have been removed. However, it is a case-by-case basis that will be discussed with your orthodontist in person.

Even when your orthodontic treatment has fully stopped, you will still be strongly encouraged to wear your retainer a few nights of every week just to make sure your teeth do not shift back out of place.

For those with teeth that responded to orthodontic treatment with more difficulty may be recommended to wear bonded retainers. These are similar to braces in the sense that they are conveniently and permanently placed behind the teeth to make absolutely sure no movement will occur.

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Retainers are also used to treat certain conditions outside of continuing orthodontic treatment. Speak with one of our retainer specialists today @ 818-716-0297 or fill out our easy, convenient online form if you would like to learn more about retainers and what to expect.

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