Periodontist Services at Mint Dentistry

Periodontics has quickly become a vital part of overall oral health. At Mint Dentistry we are proud to have the experience of Dr. Shervin Molayem DDS as our resident Periodontist. The study of periodontics is defined as a dental specialty designed to provide specific services that help diagnose, treat and prevent some types of oral disease. Plus, Periodontics also includes the placement of dental implants. A qualified Periodontist like Dr. Moleyam receive extensive training outside of standard dental school. They are quite familiar with the latest technology and techniques for performing effective cosmetic periodontal treatment.

Periodontics also treats severe gum disease or aggressive plaque and tartar build up. There are several options and procedures that periodontists can use to improve the overall oral health of their patients. However, visiting the Periodontist often begins with an initial examination.

During this first office visit, the Periodontist will review your complete medical and dental history. They will also ask you about any and all prescription and over the counter medication you currently are taking, as well as discuss any medical conditions that might impact periodontal care including diabetes, heart disease or pregnancy.

Your Periodontist will examine your gums to inspect for recession in the gum line and to assess how your teeth are fitting together. They also inspect your teeth for loose-fitting and note any gaps between each tooth. This gives the Periodontist a good overall examination of your oral health in order to prescribe a course of action that will help improve your specific dental condition.

It is our goal at Mint Dentistry to provide each patient with personalized, comfortable and affordable dental care. This extends into the Periodontal Services we offer at our office. Our team of passionate and professional dental experts relies upon years of experience - combined with recent technological advancements in dental treatment, to provide exceptional dental care while still being environmentally responsible through revolutionary 'Green Dentistry' methods.

To learn more about the specific Periodontal dental services we offer patients of Mint Dentistry, or to set up an appointment with Dr. Shervin Molayem DDS call us today @ 818-716-0297 – or simply fill out the CONTACT US FORM online.

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