A fact of life is that from time to time our teeth become damaged. And whether it's due to an accident or the foods and beverages we consume daily, finding affordable and less painful alternatives to dental crowns or Veneers can be complex. This is not the case at Mint Dentistry; as our full-service dental facility also offers Lumineers; a less aggressive and mild alternative to Veneer Cosmetic dental services that also offers patients a minimally painful alternative.

One of the problems with standard veneers is that they generally require a lot time to complete the process. Plus, patients usually receive anesthetic shots or pain relievers to reduce their oral sensitivity and discomfort during the placement of veneers (which can last up to two weeks in some cases). Lumineers on the other hand are much simpler and less evasive.

Lumineers are extremely thin alternatives to standard Veneers. In fact, they are engineered to be as thin as a standard contact lens. The lightweight construction and ease of application allows Lumineers to fit seamlessly over your natural tooth enamel. The result is much less prep work, easier application and a more comfortable experience for the patient.

The professional dental team at Mint Dentistry is able to provide Lumineers services to our patients in as little as two office visits. The procedure for receiving Lumineers is also rather simple:

Step #1 – You will visit and meet with our Dentists at Mint Dentistry to have impressions made of the teeth that you'd like to have Lumineers applied. Once the office has a good impression, the Lumineers are manufactured in a Lumineer laboratory to be custom made for the patient.

Step #2 – Once the laboratory has manufactured your custom-fit Lumineers, the Dentist at Mint Dentistry will gently etch your teeth and place the Lumineers carefully onto each tooth. Our team will then verify that your new Lumineers are properly applied as to not impact your normal bite or your daily activities. If needed, our Dentists will make slight adjustments to ensure your new Lumineers are a perfect fit.

It really is that simple.

Lumineers are a great alternative to standard Veneers. It is our goal at Mint Dentistry to provide each patient with personalized, comfortable and affordable dental care. This extends into the Lumineers Services we offer at our office. Our team of passionate and professional dental experts relies upon years of experience - combined with recent technological advancements in dental treatment, to provide exceptional dental care while still being environmentally responsible.

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