Hybrid Dentures

Most people are familiar with traditional dentures: false teeth that have to be removed every night, soaked in a solution while you sleep, and often do not stay in place during the day. Many people have to use messy adhesives to try to make traditional dentures stay in place.

The good news is hybrid dentures have a natural look, are comfortable to wear, stay in place, will not move around while eating and do not have to be removed to cleaned. Also, hybrid dentures do not cover the roof of the mouth like traditional dentures do.

Hybrid dentures are a row of tooth implants (four to six) that are screwed into the jaw to replace missing teeth and missing gum tissue. Hybrid dentures have pink acrylic on the bottom that looks like gum tissue and makes the dentures look natural. There is a small gap between the jaw bone and the implants so that you can brush and floss them just like real teeth.

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We all know dental implants aren't cheap. One implant can cost thousands of dollars, but hybrid dentures are a money saver because you are getting several at one time. Buying in bulk saves you money.

Some people may be worried about the pain of hybrid dentures being placed into the jaw, but an oral surgeon will provide plenty of pain medication during the procedure, and afterwards, so the pain should be minimal.

Hybrid dentures are made to look like natural teeth, so most people won’t even notice you have implants. You won’t have to worry about embarrassing problems that go with traditional dentures.

Hybrid dentures are a great choice for people who have lost teeth in an accident, or from a mouth-related disease, or have lost some jawbone from traditional dentures. Hybrid dentures are comfortable and affordable.

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