Dental Implant Infection

Dental Implant Infection Treatment at Mint Dentistry

Dental implant infection can occur during the process or months, sometimes-even years after a dental implant has been set and placed. However, 95-98% of dental implants received are successful. A dental implant is a great, advanced solution to restoring teeth, but sometimes the possibility of infection occurs. The infection is known as peri-implantitis, which simply means a dental implant that has caused infection.

The infection occurs because of bacteria that have found its way into the area where your implant is housed. It’s very important for dentists to thoroughly clean this site before beginning the procedure. Sterilization is a must. Both the dentist and the patient must follow the correct protocol in receiving a successful dental implant. Dental implant infection symptoms include inflammation, irritation, swelling at the site, bleeding, and pus.

Dental implant infection treatment will typically begin with a round of medically prescribed antibiotics to fight off the infection. If the infection does not seem to be improving, then your Woodland Hills dentist will strongly suggest a dental implant replacement. A dental implant replacement procedure is recommended in order to prevent the infection from reaching other healthy areas of your mouth, including your gums. The key to dental implant infection treatment is swift action.

Dental implants have the possibility of failure for different reasons, but the most common is infection. It’s also a problem that can be highly preventable. Dental implants must be treated like real teeth in the sense that you must continue to maintain proper oral hygiene by brushing and flossing regularly every day.

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