Customized Mouth Guards
Mint Dentistry of Woodland Hills proudly offers customized mouth guards for:

  • • Those who engage in sporting activities.
  • • Those who suffer from teeth grinding at night.
  • • Those looking to whiten their smile at home or maintain teeth whitening results.

Custom Mouth Guards in Woodland Hills

Custom Mouth Guard for Sports

Sports activities always have the potential to knock your teeth out in just one accident. As a way to prevent this, coaches and dentists will always recommend and sometimes even require a mouth guard.

The problem is that most mouth guards purchased from retailers or online are not custom fit for your mouth. This means you are not protecting your teeth and gums as best as you can. A custom mouth guard is properly fitted to the individual’s mouth for a tight, snug fit. This results in better protection from falls, hard hits, or other accidents while playing sports.

How much does a custom mouth guard cost?
We are currently offering custom mouth guards for sporting activities for $45*. All custom mouth guards are professionally tailored to provide you with a comfortable, snug fit.

Custom Mouth Guard for Teeth Grinding

Some people are prone to grinding their teeth at night, which can result in many problems to your oral health if behavior is repeated. Many people are actually unaware of the issue until an orthodontist detects abnormalities of the mouth.

We offer custom night guards specifically for this issue here at Mint Dentistry. If you suspect you may have an orthodontic issue related to your sleeping habits at night, then schedule an appointment with our Woodland Hills orthodontists for a personalized consultation.

Custom Mouth Guard for Teeth Whitening

Looking to brighten your teeth at home? We offer specialized mouth guards known as moldable bleaching trays to help you whiten your teeth. Bleaching trays work far better than other store-bought solutions.

We are offering a bleaching tray with two syringes for only $150*. During your appointment, we will walk you through the steps of applying the formulated gel to the beaching tray where it remains on your teeth for a certain amount of time to whiten your teeth.

Get Your Custom Mouth Guard TODAY!

If you are interested in a custom mouth guard for either sporting activities, teeth grinding at night, or for teeth whitening purposes, then contact our office at (818) 716-0297 or contact us online using our convenient online form.

*All prices are subject to change.

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