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Children's Dental Services at Mint Dentistry

Taking care of one's teeth should begin as soon as possible. This is why Mint Dentistry takes pride in offering a full-range of Children's dental services. Our team of friendly and easy-going dental professionals takes pride in working with children. And with every service we provide, you can be certain that your little one's comfort and relaxation will be our top priority.

Contrary to popular belief, Children's dentistry is indeed a specialized field that requires consistent training and education in order to best service the ever evolving needs of young teeth. Our team of dental experts undergoes consistent education to ensure they deliver the highest-quality dental care possible for your children. Our dentists also provide you with specific recommendations for individual children's oral health.

As a part of our children's dental services, the staff at Mint Dentistry provides several individual services including:

  • Removing tooth decay and filling cavities
  • Diagnosing and treating early onset gum disease
  • Thumb sucking Maladies
  • Examining and providing treatment for crowding of teeth
  • Early orthodontic treatment and referrals

When should my Child see the dentist and why?

Mint Dentistry performs preventative dental care for children of all ages which will include regular cleanings and fluoride treatment. Extensive research by several dental experts has concluded that when a child practices good oral hygiene early in life, their adult oral health will vastly improve. Proper brushing, flossing and a well-rounded diet also go a long way towards keeping your children's teeth healthy and strong.

We also understand that visiting the dentist can be a scary or uncomfortable experience for children. This is why we go above and beyond to provide anxiety-free dentistry for our young patients – during every step of the dental services we provide.

It's never too early to visit the dentist. This is why Mint Dentistry offers comprehensive infant and pediatric dentistry that is designed to be a positive experience for your child. If there are any questions about these services, don't hesitate to contact our office today @818-716-0297 – or simply fill out the CONTACT US FORM online.

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