Bone Grafting

Bone Grafting at Mint Dentistry

A dental bone graft is an oral surgery procedure offered at Mint Dentistry of Woodland Hills that aids in the dental implant procedure.

When is a Bone Graft Necessary?
Bone grafts are typically used to create a solid foundation for other procedures such as a dental implant. For a successful dental implant, you must have a jawbone that is thick enough to support it. A bone graft can increase the amount of bone in your jaw, allowing you to receive dental implants that your mouth’s chewing action can support.

Bone is often taken from a variety of sources. It is best to draw bone from your own body as it is the safest, strongest, and most desirable source. However, if additional bone is needed then tissue banks exist, as well as mineral bone substitutes.

A bone graft is a separate procedure performed in preparation of a dental implant or other tooth restoration procedure. Your mouth will be required to fully heal and regenerate bone in necessary areas before a dental implant is considered effective. Bone regeneration could take up to several months of time.

A dental implant that is placed into a jawbone that is not able to support it will cause failure. It would also aesthetically appear abnormal.

Everyone’s mouth is unique, meaning some may only require a minor bone graft in order to proceed with a dental implant, whereas others may require more bone.

Factors That Cause a Smaller Jawbone

  • Periodontal disease is a large factor that can deteriorate your jawbone and permanently damage it.

  • • Tooth extractions have a possibility of altering your jawbone structure.

  • • Unexpected facial trauma to your teeth and/or mouth could result in a jawbone that recedes.

Your Woodland Hills oral surgeons will take great care of you during this process. The entire process seems complicated, but with our advanced technology and techniques, you will be able to remain calm and secure throughout. Your comfort is one of our top priorities here at Mint Dentistry of Woodland Hills.

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