An Educational Seminar You Do Not Want To Miss!

Your woodland hills dentist, Dr. Shervin Molayem DDS, is proudly speaking at an Arab American Dental Association (AADA) Education Seminar this coming Sunday (August 3rd, 2014) and will be discussing the exciting advantages and techniques of immediate implant placement and sinus lifts.
Dr. Molayem, a Jewish Dental Surgeon, teams up with around 80 dentists from the Arabic Dental Association to further their dental education on dental implant therapy.
The seminar will last from 8:30 am – 5:00 pm and will include Breakfast & Lunch.
Topics that will be covered at the seminar:
-Bone grafting techniques
-Socket preservation using Guided Bone Regeneration “GBR”
-Sinus lift techniques
-Immediate placement of implants
-Limitations and advantages of immediate implant placement

See The Below Flyer For DETAILS

aada dental education seminar

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