There’s Still Time – Summertime Tasks for Children!

productive ways to spend summerSummer is coming to an end, but there’s still plenty of time for productivity. After your child has most likely spent a large majority of their time doing basically nothing, now would be a great time to put their hands and mind to use just before the start of school – it will keep them sharp.

Productive Ways for Children to Finish Summer

1. Selling Lemonade
Summertime provides a great opportunity to teach your children some entrepreneurship skills that will help them later in life. There are many business opportunities that are ideal for kids depending on your neighborhood or environment, and selling lemonade is one of the easiest ones.
Help them prepare the beverage, package it, set a price, choose a location, and set up the selling booth. Other business activities include yard sales, fund raising for a charity, lawn mowing, dog washing, bake sale, or car wash.
2. Summer Reading
Fun reading during summer is a great way to spend time with your children while helping them retain some vital skills they acquired in school. You could schedule weekly visits to the library, and allocate some time for daily reading. You could do something else while your children read.

3. Research Bargains on School Supplies

It is important to start shopping early and moderately for the upcoming year instead of waiting for the end of summer rush. Get the school supply lists for your children, conduct an inventory of any supplies left over from the previous year that can be reused, and then identify those that should be purchased. You and your children can then make shopping in ads a weekly activity, as well as doing other household purchases.

4. Schedule Essential Appointments

There is a lot of free time during summer, which makes this the best time to schedule important appointments, including: a visit to the pediatrician for a check-up or vaccination, a haircut, and an appointment to the dentist for a dental exam and professional teeth cleaning.
There are many other things that you can include in your summer calendar, depending on your children’s ages, like camping in the backyard, having a picnic, cycling, visiting the park, roasting marshmallows, and crafting, among others.