Sugary Foods That Are Often Mistaken As Healthy

sugary foods

Children + Sugar = No Good.

Companies will sometimes exaggerate the health benefits of the products they offer, in an attempt to entice you into making a purchase. Unfortunately for us, we believe into the fact that certain foods are “healthy” even though they are laced with sugars, both natural and added. Dentists always stress to be careful around sugary foods as they can make a dramatic effect on your oral health and your overall health too.

Sugary Foods to Avoid

Fruit Juice – a popular Google search trend has existed for quite some time now ever since companies have begun replacing their kid’s combo meals from soda to fruit juice. We’re looking specifically at apple juice. If you search apple juice vs soda, you will see a slew of various results but at the end of the day, most fruit juices are loaded with as much sugar as soda. Is it truly a healthy alternative? Absolutely not.
Yogurt – a great way to keep your stomach happy as yogurt contains live and active cultures that your stomach uses to maintain a healthy balance. This may sound fancy, but when you look at the back label and discover a large amount of sugar in your yogurt, you may begin to think twice about purchasing. Other options exist which do not contain as much sugar, and unfortunately probably will not taste as good either. But we believe that health = happiness.
Dried Fruit – this is often a great snack, but beware of its sugar content. There’s a reason dried fruits have you coming back for more: they are loaded with sugar. Most dried fruits have added sugar since dried fruit does not taste nearly as good without it. Our recommendation: take only a handful’s worth.
Energy Bars – be careful here. Some energy bars contain an excessive amount of sugar, making them taste great while stuffing your body with various proteins. The proteins are great, but the sugar content typically can exceed our daily value in just one bar. Look for bars that are not as packed with sugar.
Most children do not understand the terms “healthy” and “unhealthy”, leaving food options under the discretion of their parents, making it critically important to know the secrets behind many popular foods. Children and sugary foods are definitely not a great mix.
Just because something uses the word “healthy” take it with a grain of salt. Be a label reader and make sure the sugar content is something that is manageable. Be careful on how you read the labels too by taking notice of the serving size.
And of course, always remember to brush and floss your teeth. Mouthwash can be effective in washing away any sugars that may be residing in your mouth; water can help with this, too.