Restoring a Missing Tooth, Common Dental Implant Case

Reasons to Restore a Missing Tooth

missing teeth, dental implants woodland hillsPatients have a variety of reasons to restore a missing tooth; a gap between teeth can be fixed with dental implant procedures.


A missing tooth, especially in the front, is noticeable and may cause a person to be self conscious about their smile.



Missing teeth affects a person’s pronunciation of certain words. Loss of a tooth can cause speech to sound slurred or like a lisp. Gaps caused by missing teeth also changes the normal airflow that affects voice projection and quality of speech.



Affects on chewing can become a greater cause for concern, especially when missing a molar. Missing a tooth can alter the force of bite for the remaining teeth. Typically a bite will change to balance the lost tooth, a growth of risk can occur resulting with discomfort and pressure on the jaw joints.


Tooth Decay

Furthermore, neglecting the replacement of a missing tooth can shift the surrounding teeth. The problem is that large holes can cause tartar and plaque to accumulate in places that are hard to reach. Periodontal disease and tooth decay have been causes of this problem.


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