Mint Dentistry @ Smith Bros P.L.A.Y. Football Skills Event!

1590139_origMint Dentistry @ Smith Bros P.L.A.Y. Football Skills Event!
Exciting news! Your Woodland Hills dentists recently sponsored an exciting event hosted by NFL Super Bowl Champions Malcolm and Steven Smith! Malcolm was voted Super Bowl XLVIII’s Most Valuable Player.
Smith Bros P.L.A.Y. Foundation
The 2 Super Bowl Champs have a mission to provide opportunity to young, aspiring athletes by using sports as a stepping stone. They have a philosophy known as P.L.A.Y. which stands for [P]ractice [L]isten [A]pply [Y]ourself. They are a nonprofit organization trying to make a positive impact on our youth and we’re happy we had the opportunity to sponsor them!
Our Involvement
Mint Dentistry participated in the event by sponsoring a booth where custom mouth guards – specifically made for engaging in physical activities – were conveniently sold to event goers. It was a success, too!
mint dentistry custom mouth guard7393408_orig 2
Why Custom Mouth Guards?
Custom mouth guards are highly recommended, especially for aggressive contact sports such as football. Custom guards are tailored to your mouth for a more snug fit that results in the prevention of damage to your teeth and/or gums.
A clinical study published in the journal of Academy of General Dentistry has shown the effectiveness of a custom-fitted mouth guard in the prevention of sports-related injuries (i.e. concussions) as opposed to over-the-counter mouth guards that are not custom. The reason why is because the mouth guard helps stabilize the neck and jaw, while absorbing shock in the case a direct hit to the head/jaw is made.
Shots to the head in any sports are always looked down upon or are simply against the rules, but accidents happen and in the event that it occurs, you want to make sure you’re taking necessary action in doing your best to prevent a bad outcome. Investing in a properly fitted custom mouth guard is a great starting point.
We do offer custom mouth guards @ our office if you are interested! We can be reached at (818) 716-0297.

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