Limited-Time Special Offers by Woodland Hills Dentists, Mint Dentistry!

woodland hills dentist special offersIn case you haven’t seen them yet, Mint Dentistry is running awesome special offers that won’t last forever! These limited-time Woodland Hills dentist special offers give patients a chance to save BIG this Spring. Without further ado, here they are.

Mint Dentistry – Woodland Hills Dentist Special Offers

St. Patrick’s Day Specials
What better way to celebrate the upcoming St. Patrick’s Day than by discounting our teeth whitening trays, which include 2 syringes, for only $150!
This gives our patients a great opportunity to experience the power of professional teeth whitening. Our dentist will give you complete instructions on how to utilize your whitening trays for the best results.
Complete Set of Dentures Discounted
We’re offering a complete set of FULL DENTURES for only $2,199! This is a very competitive price for a full set of dentures and this opportunity will not last much longer. Combined with the experience of a 5-star dentist, this is the perfect opportunity to receive a full set of new teeth!
Dental Cleaning Discounted (For NEW or CASH Patients Only)
We’re discounting our dental check-up for a limited time. For $90, no insurance necessary, you will receive a professional dental cleaning, an oral examination, and dental X-Rays. Again, this offer is for NEW or CASH patients only.
Invisalign® Discounted
Our Invisalign invisible braces start at only $3,400! This is a competitive price for a treatment that is very popular amongst adults in correcting issues with the jaw, as well as straightening your teeth for an aesthetically pleasing appearance that often results in a boost to your self-esteem.
Braces Removal & Hawley Retainer Discounted
For those with traditional metal braces, we have a special for you. We will carefully remove your braces and replace them with a Hawley retainer for only $650. Retainers are necessary for maintaining the results gained from braces treatment. Our orthodontist will cover everything you need to know following your braces treatment.
Claim your special offer today by scheduling an appointment with our dentists.