Hand Out This, Not That on Halloween – Alternatives to Candy

candy alternatives halloween, halloween 2014, passing out candy, halloween dental tipsWith Halloween fast approaching, your Woodland Hills dentists want to remind you that Halloween doesn’t always have to be about candy – there are plenty of other alternatives that exist that you may impress children’s parents with for offering something other than candy as well keep you well prepared against cavities. Here’s a small list of ideas to consider this Halloween.
Sugar-Free Gum
It can be flavored, and if it contains xylitol can offer cavity protection for children’s teeth. Sugar-free gum is a great alternative “treat” to pass out to children on Halloween. Extra brownie points if it’s a gum that has been approved by the American Dental Association.

Halloween-Themed Party Favors

Instead of candy, you can pass out inexpensive party favors that can be found at any Halloween store and even grocery stores. Party favors include Halloween-related merchandise such as cool skeleton rings, stickers, crayons, pencils, vampire fangs, or glow-in-the-dark sticks that children can use to walk around with. Chances are, a child would be more excited and thrilled over receiving a small toy than candy. Here’s the best part: it doesn’t threaten tooth decay like candy does.
Temporary Tattoos
Children usually love applying temporary tattoos to their skin in an effort to show off to their friends. The best thing about temporary tattoos is that they are very cheap, and you may even be able to find them at a 99 cents store if you are lucky. It’s hard to go wrong with this one.
Pretzel Sticks
You can always pass out Halloween themed individual size pretzel sticks as opposed to candy. It may not be the healthiest option, but it still keeps children away from sugar – which can be damaging to their teeth, especially if they slack on brushing or flossing.
See, Halloween does not always have to be centered around candy – other options exist! If you decide to pass out candy, well, that’s fine. If you have children that bring home a huge pillowcase or pail full of candy then be sure to remind them about brushing and flossing their teeth with EXTRA EFFORT around this time. Sugar is a large reason why many children suffer from cavities that could have been avoided.
Be safe, be smart, and most importantly – have fun this Halloween!

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