5 Common Toothbrush Mistakes You Should Avoid

common toothbrush mistakesHow many times have you heard you dentist tell you one of two things during your dental checkup:
“Floss more!”
“Brush more!”
Probably every single dental visit, though we hope not. Point is, most of us have trouble or issues with brushing or flossing. Some of us brush religiously, but we still have issues leaving us to wonder why that is the case. Perhaps it’s because you are guilty of one of these 5 common toothbrush mistakes.

5 Toothbrush Mistakes We Often Commit

1. Not Spending Enough Time
Look, brushing for about 30 seconds and then saying “I’m done!” unfortunately does not count towards a successful take. That 30 seconds will benefit you, but it’s certainly not enough time to fully clean off the debris that have accumulated from an entire day’s worth of food and drinks. Two minutes is the absolute minimum standard. If you feel this is the issue, start utilizing a timer to help.
2. Rinsing Mouth with Water
Rinsing the mouth with water after a thorough brushing basically cuts all the work you just performed in half, this is because it rinses out the toothpaste that you want to let sit in the mouth for at least 30 minutes uninterrupted for the best results.
3. Not Replacing Your Toothbrush
Fortunately replacing a manual toothbrush or electric toothbrush head is not the most wallet draining expense, yet many of us have issues replacing our toothbrush. A good rule of thumb to follow is to replace it every 3 months – without question.
4. Brushing Back and Forth as Opposed to a Circular Motion
There is such a thing as proper brushing form. You should be brushing in a circular motion at all times, not a back and forth motion that may miss the key areas which are at the gumline.
5. You Leave Your Toothbrush in the Bathroom
This may sound crazy, but believe it or not storing your toothbrush in the bathroom is not recommended. When we flush a toilet, it is believed that our human feces is openly spread into the air (microscopic particles) that may land on your toothbrush. Gross, right? Either brush your teeth in a different room such as the kitchen or find a way to store it.
If you find you’re guilty of any of these 5 common toothbrush mistakes, then we urge you to change the habit and perhaps you’ll be surprised on your next scheduled appointment with your dentist!