How Are Dentures Made & What to Expect

dentures woodland hillsDentures are one of the tooth replacement options that may be recommended to you by your dentist following the loss of your teeth due to trauma, periodontal disease, decay, or some other reason. Dentures restore the aesthetics of your smile and function of your mouth, allowing you to socialize, eat, and speak nearly as well as before you lost your teeth, according to Dr. Molayem, a denture dentist in Woodland Hills.
As a first-time denture wearers, you must be curious about how these prosthetic teeth are made and how they’ll work. Here are some things to expect before you can start enjoying you new set of teeth:
Initial Consultation
When you first visit your dentist, you will receive a thorough examination of your mouth for proper diagnosis, to identify your restorative needs. You will discuss a few things with your dentist, including:
● Whether the remaining teeth will be extracted
● The type of denture that is right for your case
● When to start your treatment
You will need some x-rays for proper assessment of the condition of your teeth underneath the gums.
Fitting Your Dentures
During subsequent appointments, you should be prepared for the following:
Tooth extraction – This step may require more than one appointment depending on the number of teeth being removed.
Taking impression of your mouth – Your dentist will take molds of your mouth upon which your dentures will be designed.
Using bite molds – Your dentist will use wax blocks to ensure that you have a comfortable bite with your new dentures. You can also customize your smile by choosing the color, shape, and size of your prosthetic teeth.
Trying out the wax models – You can try out your wax-made teeth to get a feel of how your final dentures will feel.
Fitting – Your personalized dentures will be fitted as you discuss about caring for your new set of teeth. If they don’t fit comfortably, they may need adjusting before you can start wearing them.
How long does it take to get new dentures?
Getting your dentures made can take several weeks and multiple separate appointments, from teeth extractions to healing to denture adjustments to ensure that your dentures fit comfortably in your mouth. But right after tooth extraction, you may be fitted with an immediate denture to maintain the function of your mouth before your customized dentures are ready.
It will take some time for you to adjust to your new teeth, as your tongue, mouth, and facial muscles gradually adjust to the denture. But soon you will be able to talk, eat, and smile normally.
Learn more about Dentures & the process involved as outlined by denture dentists in Woodland Hills, CA.