Stay Safe this Halloween with These Tips from Mint Dental Group!

halloween tips trick or treatersHalloween falls on October 31st, which happens to be a Saturday this year. As a result, the roads will be plagued with irresponsible drivers that have participated in nightly activities so we urge everyone to stay extra cautious this year.

Halloween Safety Tips for Trick or Treaters

To keep yourself & your children safe this Halloween, please keep these tips in mind:
• Make sure to eat a good dinner before you go out.
• Always stay with a group & do not stray away.
• When in doubt, toss it out – inspect all candies.
• Better safe than sorry – homemade candies or foods should not be trusted.
• If a house has no lighting, avoid it. Stick to housing with lights on.
• Establish a time to stop and stick by it. We recommend no later than 10 P.M., as most people who are passing out candy are finished at this time.
• Costumes are bright or easy to see in the dark work best.
As For Oral Health…
Halloween is fun not only because adults & children have the ability to dress up as different characters, but because of the candy involved! Unfortunately, our oral health and candy simply do not mix. Does that mean you should give up candy altogether? Of course not! But you stay aware of these tips in making the best out of your situation.
Brush & Floss Directly After Consumption
halloween-2015This goes a long way in keeping your mouth free from the known dangers of sugar. It also helps psychologically as well. This is because the chances of you consuming more candy after spending time brushing & flossing the bits and pieces out are very, very low. Why waste all of that hard work?
Happy Halloween from the team @ Mint Dental Group!

Dental Symptoms That Should Not Be Ignored or Overlooked

dental symptoms you shouldnt ignoreHow many times have you looked in the mirror and noticed something seemed off? We’re betting quite a few times. Whether it was an issue you found with your face, hair, eyes, mouth, or teeth, there’s always a chance that something just won’t seem right.
That’s what we’d like to talk about today: common signs of the mouth that should not be overlooked or ignored.

When the Mouth Talks – Pay Attention!

“Why do my teeth appear crooked?”

Have you ever gone to the bathroom, smiled into the mirror to analyze your teeth and then realized a tooth or two just seemed slightly off? It does happen. Most people often brush it off and convince themselves that they’re just seeing things. In reality, there’s a good chance what you noticed is actually the case. This is because periodontal disease or gum disease.
Or it could simply be the result of your straightened teeth gradually drifting out of position because you haven’t been using a retainer to keep them set in the proper position.

Gums That Bleed Often

Brushing your teeth should occur twice every day. Some blood is to be expected. This is often the result of brushing too hard. However, there are times where you may feel like your gums are bleeding a little more than normal. This is another sign of periodontal disease that should be checked out.


Simply put, toothaches are the most overlooked dental symptom. The main reason is because people are quick to turn to pain medication as a way to mask the problem. This is a bad habit because pain is the body’s way of alarming you about something that should be fixed. Often times toothaches are the result of cavity formation.

Experiencing Sharp Pain

You’ll know sharp pain when it happens because it will often make you cringe because it comes on so suddenly. Little do you know, you may have a pit or hole in your tooth where roots are exposed. Or perhaps your gums have recessed enough to the point where roots are exposed. When certain foods and drinks come into contact with exposed roots, then sharp pain is often experienced. This is a classic sign of decay that can be corrected wit a cavity filling.
The next time you notice one of these 4 signs, we encourage you to respond to the issue by visiting your dentist for a dental check-up. Chances are you may be due for your twice-annual check-up!