History of Dental Implants – How Did They Originate?

history dental implants originBelieve it or not “dental implants” have been around since the ancient Mayans (the people who predicted the end of the world in December 2012 because that’s when their calendar ended) back in 600 A.D.
They were dental implants in the sense that foreign materials were implanted into the jaw as a way to replace tooth loss. The foreign materials often were seashell fragments and carved stones. Successful? Well, we’re guessing they weren’t. But the attempts were still made.
The Rise of Titanium
Sometime in the 1950s, scientists discovered titanium’s ability to physically bond with living bone tissue. However, it wasn’t until a Swedish orthopedic surgeon was trying to remove titanium optic chambers he implanted into rabbit’s legs did dentists began questioning their use in the mouth as a way to replace missing teeth. The reason he couldn’t remove the titanium is because it had naturally fused with the bone!
The process is now known today as osseointegration. “Osseo” literally means bone and integration means fusion. Bone fusion. This is the reason titanium dental implants work so well in our mouth. This bond that is created is very strong, making it viable as a root replacement for any missing teeth.
Still Going Strong Today
Not much has really changed since then other than the speed at which this bone fusion occurs. In the beginning stages, dental implants were smooth surfaced. It would typically take around 6 months of time for the fusion to occur.
However, a clearer understanding of bone structure has revealed that rough surfaced dental implants will actually take less time for osseointegration to finalize. Now it only takes a couple of months for the process to complete. Though dentists are employing different techniques and practices to reduce this time even further. (See: Immediate Dental Implants)
Dental implants may also be used as an alternative to traditional dentures. The procedure is known as “All-on-4” dental implants because an entire row of teeth may be placed using only 4 strategically placed dental implants.
We’re curious as to where and how dental implants will grow in the future (no pun intended), but in the meantime they serve a valuable purpose and are currently the best option for replacing teeth.
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