Mint Dentistry @ Smith Bros P.L.A.Y. Football Skills Event!

1590139_origMint Dentistry @ Smith Bros P.L.A.Y. Football Skills Event!
Exciting news! Your Woodland Hills dentists recently sponsored an exciting event hosted by NFL Super Bowl Champions Malcolm and Steven Smith! Malcolm was voted Super Bowl XLVIII’s Most Valuable Player.
Smith Bros P.L.A.Y. Foundation
The 2 Super Bowl Champs have a mission to provide opportunity to young, aspiring athletes by using sports as a stepping stone. They have a philosophy known as P.L.A.Y. which stands for [P]ractice [L]isten [A]pply [Y]ourself. They are a nonprofit organization trying to make a positive impact on our youth and we’re happy we had the opportunity to sponsor them!
Our Involvement
Mint Dentistry participated in the event by sponsoring a booth where custom mouth guards – specifically made for engaging in physical activities – were conveniently sold to event goers. It was a success, too!
mint dentistry custom mouth guard7393408_orig 2
Why Custom Mouth Guards?
Custom mouth guards are highly recommended, especially for aggressive contact sports such as football. Custom guards are tailored to your mouth for a more snug fit that results in the prevention of damage to your teeth and/or gums.
A clinical study published in the journal of Academy of General Dentistry has shown the effectiveness of a custom-fitted mouth guard in the prevention of sports-related injuries (i.e. concussions) as opposed to over-the-counter mouth guards that are not custom. The reason why is because the mouth guard helps stabilize the neck and jaw, while absorbing shock in the case a direct hit to the head/jaw is made.
Shots to the head in any sports are always looked down upon or are simply against the rules, but accidents happen and in the event that it occurs, you want to make sure you’re taking necessary action in doing your best to prevent a bad outcome. Investing in a properly fitted custom mouth guard is a great starting point.
We do offer custom mouth guards @ our office if you are interested! We can be reached at (818) 716-0297.

14,000-Year-Old Tooth Gives Insight into Dentistry During Paleolithic Era

14000 year old tooth discoveryA 14,000-year-old tooth that was found in northern Italy in 1988 has just been recently brought back into the limelight because of a study performed at the University of Bologna.*
Interesting… tell me more!
Well, the researchers found evidence of a cavity on the 14,000-year-old tooth. It was described as “extensive enamel chipping”. This chipping led researchers to believe that even back in those times the people around had at least a small amount of knowledge in cavity treatment and/or diseases in general.
You have to think, this is pretty impressive. The idea is simple – the people of the time figured that scratching the tooth’s enamel away with sharp objects would rid of the cavity. Of course, they didn’t know the issue was called a “cavity”, but they felt pain and looked for a remedy. Smart for their time!
Our Thoughts
We call it a cavity now, but it’s worth mentioning the opinion that perhaps it wasn’t a cavity on this tooth, but rather just a worn down tooth as a result of constant gnashing and grinding of the types of foods consumed during the era.
However, the images and research the team has come up with seem to point strongly towards evidence of an actual cavity, or tooth decay.
On another notion, it’s studies like these, which make us appreciate how far we’ve come in addressing issues in dentistry.
Back then; you would have to deal with the pain. Nowadays you book an appointment, receive a cavity filling of your choice, and you’re set! Provided you continue to stay on top of oral hygiene brushing and flossing twice a day. 🙂
*The full study and picture of the tooth can be found here.

New Study Reveals Interesting Information Regarding Flossing

importance of flossing

Be a role model for children!

A recent study performed through an online poll conducted by Harris Poll on behalf of the American Academy of Periodontology surveyed roughly 2,000 adults above the age of 18 and found some very interesting results regarding flossing.
What The Survey Revealed About Flossing…
Of the 2,021 adults surveyed:
• 27% admitted to lying to their dentist about how often they floss.
• 36% of the respondents revealed they would rather partake in an unpleasant activity than floss their teeth.
As dentists, we understand most people dislike flossing, however, we did not expect to see what activities people would rather do than to floss (and keep in mind a thorough flossing job takes only up to 2 minutes!):
• 14% thought cleaning the toilet would be better than flossing
• 9% figured doing their taxes would be better than flossing
• 9% thought sitting in gridlock traffic for a whole hour would be better
• 18% decided washing a sick fully of dirty dishes would be better
• 14% thought waiting in a long checkout line would be better than flossing
Now, we’re taking into consideration that the poll was done online and perhaps people were exaggerating their hatred for flossing a bit.
It would be interesting to see what people would actually choose if they were given, in-person, an unpleasant option (i.e. cleaning the toilet) and some floss and then asked to perform one over the other. That would be a more telltale sign of how people really feel in regards to flossing.

Stressing the Importance of Flossing

After the results were published, the President of the American Academy of Periodontology commented by saying: “There’s clearly more work to be done when it comes to educating Americans about the importance of oral hygiene. There are more than 500 bacterial species that can be found in plaque, and brushing alone does not remove the bacteria that live below the gum line.”