Latest Study Reveals Sugary Drinks Are Large Culprits in Dental Erosion

sugary drink link dental erosionWe have some unfortunate not-so-sweet dental news for those who love soft drinks that contain sugar: researchers have found that sugary drinks – specifically fruit juices and soda – are the biggest culprits for dental erosion. The study was published in the Journal of Public Health Dentistry.

What is Dental Erosion?

To help clear any confusion, dental erosion is the term used to describe enamel that has eroded away due to high concentrations of acid from any source. In this case, the source was a controlled study containing sodas and fruit juices consumed daily.
The researchers studied 3,733 participants who were split into separate groups. The participants in the study who were classified as having moderate to severe tooth wear had consumed more soft drinks and fruit juices per day than any other group.
The results were somewhat shocking, though expected:

  • • 79% had evidence of dental erosion.
  • • 64% had mild tooth wear.
  • • 10% had moderate tooth wear.
  • • 5% had signs of severe tooth wear.
  • • Men were reported to be at twice the risk for dental erosion over women.
  • • Tooth wear was more significant with age.

It was always believed that sugary drinks – well, sugar in general – is just not good for our oral health. This recent study only confirms that belief with statistically significant scientific evidence.
Dr. Nigel Carter OBE commented on the published study by saying “Water and milk are the best choices by far, not only for the good of our oral health but our overall health too. Remember, it is how often we have sugary foods and drinks that causes the problem so it is important that we try and reduce the frequency of consumption.”
In other words, you can still drink sugary drinks – just be sure to keep it in moderation, stay hydrated, and never forget to brush and floss your teeth!
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Happy Mother’s Day – Give Your Mother a BIG Smile (and a Gift)!

mothers day dental tips giftsMint Dentistry of Woodland Hills wanted to wish all of the Mothers out there a very wonderful Mother’s Day this coming Sunday, May 10!
As dentists, we wanted to share a couple dental tips with you to make sure the smiles never end.
Remember, You’re a Role Model
We celebrate Mother’s Day to honor the hard work that Mothers have endured in raising children. It’s a tough task; we certainly know this first hand. As a Mother you are a role model that your children look up to.
If your dental hygiene is sloppy, there’s a good chance your children’s or teenager’s dental habits are just as sloppy. If you believe dental health is important, it should show in your actions.
Reinforce the importance of dental hygiene in the home because studies have shown that a Mother’s attitude towards her child’s oral hygiene plays a role in better dental health for the child.
Importance of Calcium and Magnesium
As women age, their hormones change also. Unfortunately, these hormonal changes in the body can increase the risk of bone loss and gum disease. In an effort to combat this, it’s important to increase your intake of Calcium and Magnesium in order to stay one step ahead. Of course, diet and exercise play a large role here as well.
It’s also important to receive regular dental checkups as often as 3x per year, especially for older adults with dental work which need regular care.
Gift Ideas for Mom
Electric toothbrush. We all know the importance of a solid oral hygiene routine. As we age, it becomes harder to perform these tasks. This is why if your Mother or Grandmother does not have one already, look into purchasing her an electric toothbrush as a Mother’s Day gift. The gift of smiling never gets old.
If you have a Mother who is constantly on the go, then consider buying her a dental travel kit that contain necessary items such as toothbrush, floss, interdental toothpicks, toothpaste, and mouth rinse. The wow! factor comes in the case design you decide is best – you can’t go wrong with floral. It may be small, but it’s very thoughtful and that’s really what counts.