Athletes Don’t Skip Leg Day or Their Dentist

Athletes must have good oral health for better performance.

Hit a Home Run – Visit Your Dentist!

You workout, you exercise, you practice, you sweat, you sleep, and you get up the next day and repeat. Does this process sound more or less familiar? For most athletes, it probably is. We wanted to inform athletes that simply because they may have a rigorous workout routine does not necessarily translate into excellent oral health. Overall, physical well being may be accomplished, but oral health is a different matter – and happens to be important for better performance.

Assessing the Oral Damage Done to an Athlete’s Mouth

As an athlete, you probably consume many sports drinks, protein bars, and shakes. The issue with these common culprits is that they contain a fairly large amount of fermentable sugars – something you need as an athlete. Unfortunately as a result, these sugars do not mesh well with our teeth.
This compounds even further when you suffer from dry mouth – another aspect that is often associated with heavy workouts. This makes it increasingly important to make sure you are always hydrating yourself.
Quick Tip: Hydrating yourself is as easy as taking a sip after every play.
Dry mouth limits our mouth’s ability to produce saliva, which is important for washing away the sugars that are slowly accumulating around our teeth – which will quickly lead to decay if not properly addressed.

Quick Tip:
H2O is the way to go! We recommend quenching your thirst with water to avoid the sugar. If you have to go the sugar route, then search for low-sugar alternatives.

Fun Fact:
Athletes of the Olympic games in London 2012 had poor oral health, impacting their well-being and performance. View the full study here.

Don’t Skip Leg Day, Don’t Skip Your Dentist

It’s common for athletes to believe they are in great shape, and a large majority of them probably are. However, before you to go bed every night – consciously remind yourself to brush and floss your teeth with a little extra effort. All of those sugars you built up throughout the day need to be thoroughly washed out of your mouth. And of course, never skip out on visiting your dentist twice a year for a checkup – that would equivalent to skipping leg day, which you should never do.
If brushing isn’t your thing, then try spicing it up with a free smartphone app known as “Brush DJ”. It sends you a reminder to brush and floss your teeth, as well as selects a random song from your music library to play in order to help you brush for the full, recommended time of 2 minutes. Not bad!