Fill The Gap – Dental Implant Replacement for Missing Teeth

Dental Implant Replacement Designed to Fix Failure
Let’s face it, technology has come a long way in perfecting things, but nobody is perfect. We can only aim to be as close to perfect as we can. There’s been a lot of hype around dental implants as a solution to filling the gaps between missing teeth. They have been a somewhat relatively new alternative to replacing missing teeth. When performed properly, dental implants offer a great, permanent solution with aesthetics resembling that of a real tooth; it’s phenomenal.
Nobody deserves a to suffer the consequences of a failed dental implant. Your Woodland Hills dentist offers a dental implant replacement program that aims at correcting dental implant procedures that did not result in favorable results. Don’t beat yourself up over it either, chances are it wasn’t even your fault!
One thing to know is that dental implants are not for everyone. You must fit a certain criteria in order for your dentist to clear you for the procedure. Does needing a dental implant replacement mean that maybe I never actually fit the criteria? It’s possible, but infection tends to be the leading reason as to why patients find themselves in a position of replacing dental implants. Dental implants are made of strong material, but with any tooth real or not, accidents happen. Some people unfortunately receive trauma to the face that effectively knocks their dental implant out. These circumstances are typically out of your control.
dental implant replacementHowever, one thing you do have control in is choosing a dentist that is professional and goes of his or her way to make sure your mouth is in the best shape possible. Dental implant revision is made possible through your local dentist of Woodland Hills. See if our dental implant replacement process is right for you.

Have You Been Screened for Oral Cancer?

oral cancer screeningYour local Woodland Hills dentist encourages oral cancer screening because cancer is one the most fatal diseases that has claimed the lives of many. It is a disease that can affect any part of your body, including your mouth. Cancer of the mouth is known as oral cancer. Close to 44,000 people will be diagnosed with oral cancer this year, according to The Oral Cancer Foundation.
As with any cancer, the earlier it is found, the better your chances of success. This is why we encourage adults, specifically those who are over the age of 40, smoke, or consume a heavy amount of alcohol often to undergo an oral cancer screening as a proactive measure.
Accredited organizations such as The American Dental Association recommends that adults opt for an oral cancer screening during their routine dental visits. The American Cancer Society suggests that patients discuss the possibility of an oral cancer screening with their dentist.
Visit our Woodland Hills Dentist website to read more information regarding the procedure of an oral cancer screening as well as possible symptoms your dentist will look for. The process is actually quite simple!

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